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8th October 2017

Good afternoon everyone,

I arrived yesterday at Cheltenham racecourse, I had thought that I had go via Tewkesbury with a charge on the way, and crossing the river in Evesham I saw a sign that said Cheltenham 16 miles, no-brainer really, look at the map and change the route.

I find myself craving peace and quiet and the bitter solitude the moment, although saying that my days Tesco were reasonably peaceful, it was the night times the staff starting and finishing shifts talking. I'm also still a bit on edge after what happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning, on that note, the police phoned me about is this morning. I also noticing a bit of a pattern since this flareup started, I'll have bad patch and then one maybe two days feeling okay, no idea why or what is happening with my old grey matter.

It's thanks to Zia, Mark and a gentleman that I met in Evesham, ex-Royal Logistics Corps, that I can stay here until Saturday morning, if I'm frugal and careful with money this week I should be to stop Saturday and Sunday, Sunday is the last night caravan site is open it will then be Church Stoke Tesco, well that's if the community champion will let me stay this time!

At the moment I'm not doing many miles as staff in the office of sent me all the data for England, that means that I've got more than 68,000 records on my system for memorials in England Scotland and Wales, and I have to go through the make sure the data is correct, there are no duplicates and those that are marked as being in a redundant building get added to a different table and then removed from the main table, it's all head work and hard work! Besides doing the double checks on data I still plodding on the whole the place name data, that stands at more than 38,000 records so far...

Today is obviously a good day for hot air balloons as we have had to set off from Bishops Cleeve today, one this morning and one just.

Before so it's the time of year when the fungi are appearing, I found some fly agaric on the beach trees in the cemetery the other day, a nice little find as I haven't seen the species for a few years.

Going back to the place name data I found the following when I was going through the names...

We all know where to go now ;)

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