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31st August 2017

Good afternoon everyone,

I'll start with a thank you to Csta in Tesco for treating me to breakfast this morning :)

Well other than my first Regiments museum, Queen's Own Hussars, I have finished Warwick,eighty-five unrecorded memorials here so far, I started with fourteen recorded and the sun being out seems to have affected some of the locals...

  1. Crossing the bridge into Leamington Spa, the Asian man in front of me threw his plastic sandwich carton over the bridge, I ripped into him as I hate rubbish being dumped, he said its OK its gone in the river! What made it worse for me was the fact we were 20-30 feet from a bin!
  2. Hobbling into the disabled toilet, a lady stops me and tells me I shouldn't be using it, its for disabled. She didn't like my reply that I was happy to take leg off...
  3. Two lads on the pavement one was pushing a motor bike and they stop me and tell I shouldn't on the pavement I'm supposed to be on the road...

I think I'll lock myself away for the rest of the day...

Anyway, the rest of the week was pretty much mundane, one thing I have found that the younger generation won't possibly understand, Enoch Powell, former Member of Parliment and Royal Warwickshire Regiment, a man famous for his "rivers of blood" speech.

John Enoch Powell

I start Royal Leamington Spa tomorrow, I have to base myself in Tesco in Wawick whilst I do, it is litterally next door :)

I have thirty-five recorded memorials and eighty graves, if I haven't finished by Sunday I'll head to the race course caravan site and then back to Tesco Monday morning to continue. Once it is finished I'll head to Coventry for one night, not sure after that, Rugby or Nuneaton...

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