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11th April 2017

Good afternoon everyone,

A bit of a blip with my mental health this week, it's thrown at me a bit it's also made me work a lot harder trying to get over it. I've been trying to drag the war memorial and war grave data into the 21st-century, all the war grave information is still down as World War II counties, the war memorial data for Wales and Scotland is pre-1994 counties. I have around 35,000 records in my system that need updating, some is fairly easy others isn't. For example Yorkshire, as it used to be World War II is now split between North South and East Yorkshire is the same with Sussex. Still a lot to do but I'll get there!


Met up with Neil Berryman at Cirencester Caravan club site who gave me replacement cap badge, it was to be a weekend meeting up with old friends and new with the odd shandy thrown in.


I headed out to the Gloucestershire steam extravaganza at South Cerney and met up with the Gloucestershire branch of the Royal British Legion Riders and spent a lot of time helping out on the stall. The weather was terrible, we had two thunderstorms go through with a little bit essentially between not pleasant for the visitors and stallholders at all.


I again headed for the steam fair, the weather much improved and was able to have a mooch around in between helping on the stall again. In the afternoon I was called into the main ring with the scooter and was introduced to everybody told to go round with my bucket, it soon became very heavy!

I headed back to the caravan site to find that Missy's flexible lead and ground spike had been mown by the wardens it was totally obliterated and hard to miss being blue grass!


I headed for Stow on the Wold, it's a lumpy journey from Cirencester to Stow and I knew my power would be chewed so had arranged for a charge in Bourton on the water, the managers at the old manse hotel had met me before at the Woolpack in Beckington so that I didn't have to explain everything to them about what I do et cetera. Once plugged in let Missy out to entertain the public, or perhaps it should be the way round, whilst I sat drinking tea on the scooter, there were a lot of people from the Far East in the town Missy photograph taken a lot I also met to people that Somerset. Once I had got enough of a charge I headed for Tesco Stow on the Wold.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday started dry but soon went downhill with the rain so you get a little bit done in Stow. Wednesday was a complete washout.


A pleasant day yesterday, I managed to get six towns and villages done of which Upper Slaughter was a Thankful Village, for those that don't know what thankful village is it is the lost nobody in World War I. As I went to Lower Slaughter the only thing that was recorded there was the cross in the churchyard yet village hall had plaques to World War I and World War II and so the church as well as of the things, and I'm told that the son of the man who invented the Spitfire lived there so in a village hall was a large mural of village on the wall along with the Spitfire.

Lower Slaughter Village Hall

Lower Slaughter Village Hall

Friday (today)

Today I headed for Moreton in the Marsh via a couple of small villages, I had to visit and make an appointment to get into firefighters college, this will be on Sunday.

Not sure what to do tomorrow yet, the rain is supposed to be heading in again tonight according to the last forecast I looked at play by ear. Sunday I had to Moreton in the Marsh caravan site get a shower et cetera before heading to Evesham on Monday morning, having spent to one of the staff here who lives in Moreton in Marsh about the route I will take I will apparently be passing through Blockley, apparently the church was used in Father Ted television series I can't say remember the series will have a look anyway.

There's a lot to do in and around Evesham so not sure how long I'll be there for, nor where I'm going after that yet...

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