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1st March 2017

Happy Saint David's Day everyone,

I'll start with the last couple of days - they were wet and cold!

Ok, today, a local day as it were, running round sorting bits out, one of the things about Social Media is that things can be posted very quickly and people can know whats going on very quickly, the opposite of this blog...

Whilst running around today I had a near miss on a pedestrian crossing, luckly I had the camera on and running...

If you look at the otherside of the crossing you can see the Green Man is on, I'm just glad my scooter doesn't take off quickly as I suspect I'd be in hospital now! The driver wasn't hanging around either! This is also outside a nursary and a school...

Tomorrow I want to go down to the flat before I head off to Aberdare for the weekend.

A couple of bits for the future:

The Army is playing the All Whites (Swansea RFC) at St Helens Swansea on the 11th March at 1330hrs, looking at having a get together at the match followed by a curry if anyone is interested.

On the 23rd March I have a licence to collect in the City centre, if anybody would like to help me with this I be very grateful. If the weather is terrible I won't be collecting, I have enough health problems as it is ;)

I also have a license to collect in Mumbles on the 15th and 16th April, again if anybody could help me and the charities it would be brilliant, again, weather dependent.

If any ex military want to help, beret or blazer or both please.

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