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17th January 2017

Good evening everyone,

I'm feeling tired tonight to say the least with all the shenanigans going on.

I headed out yesterday to visit one church that had been previously recorded, an airport and a chapel, neither recorded before. It was then on to lunch of Peasant and Fartridge with Mum and her partner Terry, I've never had Partridge before and found it very similar to Pheasant, just a tiny bit different to it.

Today was a totally different day, I was woken a couple of times last night by the noise from upstairs. This morning I was up at around 0800hrs, cuppa and a bit of breakfast before heading out - not! My scooter whilst I'm at the flat is kept in my garage, last night a van was parked in front of it. I knew who had parked it there so knocked on the door, an hour later still no answer so I contacted the Council, they phoned, texted, still nothing, this was an hour after I should have been down at the Council Archives, I was getting very frustrated, I phoned the police, they contacted the owner of the van and eventually came out to hammer on the door, still nothing.

As it was parked on council (private) property there was nothing they could do, they did hammer on the door a few more times for me...

It was nearly four hours later that I managed to get an answer, I needed to use a lump of wood for nearly an hour on the door though...

I can say that today ended up as a totally wasted day and could have done without it to say the least :(

Hopefully a better night and day tomorrow.

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