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14th December 2016


I finally left Tredeger House in Newport this morning, it was grey and miserable to say the least! Thank you Zia, Kate, Elton and Elaine for you contributions to the tea fund, it more than covered this as the price per night dropped after the first two nights. a few people have asked for the link.
Use either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Today was a hard day, the closer I get to home the more anxious I'm feeling, this is even though I'm not going to the flat! I need to say thank you to Peter Finn, he went searching Chepstow for me on Wednesday night to make sure I was OK, he didn't know that I had moved on to Newport.

I'm still a long way from being my normal self, I'm still sleeping a lot and struggling to remember things that I need to do or even if I have done them!

Just to help with my problems the laptop is refusing to boot up, I feel a reinstall of windows coming on!


Evening everyone,

I have finally got the laptop back up and running, it was late by the time I finished last night and went to bed instead of doing an update, sorry.

It was a long day today and had meant to stop in Port Talbot tonight, as they had no external plugs I had a complete charge and headed for my stop at my Sisters. it was about thirty seven miles all told and finished the last eight miles in the dark. I don't like towing the trailer in the dark as there are many unseen hazards such as sunken grids that will turn it over!

I need to get to my doctors tomorrow so I can sort out my brain and other injuries that have occured over the last year. I'll be in the swansea area until after the New Year and will be pottering on photographing and cataloguing graves and memorial as usual.

On a slightly different note I was stopped by the police as I came in to Swansea, not the first time its happed, it turns out they wanted a mugshot of me ;)

Right a few thank yous to do, Elaine M, Vivian P and Steven E, thank you for the donations to the tea fund.

Our home for the next few days

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