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4th December 2016

Good evening everyone,

Well I'm feeling a touch better and managed a bit of food today. For the none Facebook users, I've been a tad poorly other the last four days or so, I don't know if it was some food or a bug I picked up, I can say with all honesty its not very nice!

Well I say with all honesty and I mentioned this on Facebook this morning, I was glad to be out of Nailsea, I know all likds arn't bad etc but some of Nailsea's kids are some of the worst I have come across, I came close to battering two on Saturday night for throwing plastic bottles at the trailer, this was whilst I was sat in it! Yesterday after doing a run out I went back to bed as I still felt terrible, a youngster took my jacket and put it on, it might be for a joke but I didn't see the funny side! Then last night not directly at me me, three lads decided to have a biscuit fight (thats the best way I can describe it) beside me, they were everywhere, some on the trailer. On packing up this morning I found that someone had been putting their cigarettes out on the trailer, on the far side where I can't see, extremely unimpressed though no damage appears to have been done.

Right on to something more cheerful, the mileage and amounts raised:

Total mileage:                                        24807.47
Novembers mileage:                             523.05
Amount raised so far without Git Aid:    £67,889.29
Amount raised with Gift Aid:                  £69,221.04

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