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16th November 2016

Good evening everyone,

I need to start with an apology, my depression has decided to rear its head again, its showing itself in the early hours of the morning and I'm generally feeling ok by late afternoon. It does have some horrible consequnces and feelings. Those of you that suffer from depression will know what I mean. It does also mean I struggle to do things like the update or remember what things I have to do.

I went out over the last three days, the weather hasn't been brilliant which hasn't helped the feelings, Monday I headed in to Frome and managed a bit before the heavens opened and I got wet. Tuesday was a trip to Berkley through the lanes past all the debris that has been dumped, the lane was also blocked by the council because of this further on but I was able to get through, it was then back into Frome to try and find the bits I'd missed the day before, I got back just before the rain started. Today was a trip back to Frome Cemetery as all the pictures I took yesterday were over exposed, today was a particuarly bad morning with the depression and a Post Office delivery van that had obstructed the entrance to the cemetery got a good mouthful, well he did laugh because I couldn't go anywhere!

I ended up at Radstoke and thought I'd try the cycle route back towards Frome, if I'd known it was so accessible I'd have used it on Saturday with the trailer on, it was nice to see a Roe Deer grazing at the edge of a field as I travelled.

I think today is my last in Somerset as it is now, the memorial numbers are.

County All Done New
Somerset 952 680 (71%) 507 (53%)

Tomorrow I head for Keynsham Tesco, changed my route again so I can try and do some memorials on the way.

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