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24th October 2016

Good evening everyone,

This not having wifi on the laptop is a pain, I have access on the phone but I'm not a teenager and can't write essays on it with my thumbs, its more a case of tongue sticking out of the corner of my mouth and prod with a fat finger!


This was to be a short hop to Yeovilton of about ten miles, I was feeling grotty and groggy with the cold so I had a lie in, probably a good job as it was rather misty and I don't feel safe in fog! I started to lift eventually and I was able to potter off. On arriving at Yeovilton there was an initial bit of confusion at the guardroombut it was soon sorted out.


Missy drove me bonkers overnight, a robin was singing most of the night near the trailer, there were two stray cats mooching around all this meant Missy was in attack and kill mode and made me fully aware of this, add to this the usual problems of a cold I was shattered!

It was a cold, bright day and I was wrapped up and heading out on the road, still feeling rough but determined to get some work done, I'm always fearful of disturbing church services but my luck was in, the first church I visited had the heaters on and I'm guessing a service later in the day, the second church was in full swing so I went to the memorial hall, recorded that as it was new and then back to the church, service finished photographs done and moved on, it continued like this for the rest of the day.

I got back to the cats shivering and shaking, I think the cold was reaching its peak, I had a sleep and felt a bit better, still went to bed around 2200hrs though.


A bit of light rain overnight and Missy behaved. I had to lock the cats in the trailer this morning as the MPGS were patrolling with dogs and they are not the sort to sit back with their tail between their legs when Missy jumps out at them!

I headed out just after 0915hrs and it was a grey forboding day, I hadn't seen a forecast but I knew it was going to rain at some stage. I only had six churches and even less graves to do today, it should have been easy, well it was until the rain started! It was the kind of moderate persistent rain that finds every nook and cranny it can get into and it did!

I move on to Tesco Shepton Mallet tomorrow and hope it is gong to be a drier day.

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