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16th September 2016

I've finally managed to get access to the internet, its not fast but it will do.

Good evenning everyone,

As I've no access to the internet yet again I'm writing this offline to be posted when I can connect again.


I was up early so that I could unplug and get my bucket out of the pub whilst the cleaners were there, on that note I need to say a big thank you to Theresa and the team who spoilt the three of us all week. It was to be a long day with just shy of forty miles done, I did stop for a charge at Help for Heroes in Downton as it was going to be such a long run. I was stopping at Shaftesbury Tesco, the last time I stopped there it was a noisy night, this time it wasn't thank goodness. There was still the problem of the kids rides tripping out and had to nip in and get the switch reset until the batteries were charged.


Today's run wasn't as long in distance but it was in time, the unforecast thunderstorms made me stop and sit them out, the last forecast I had seen was for a dry and sunny day! Well I sat it out on the edge of the road and tried to film some of it, as normal the camera was looking the wrong way! Just as I was putting the waterproofs on and the rain easing a lady rode up on her horse to check I was ok.

I pottered on to RNAS Yeovilton which was to be my stop for the night, I was also pointed towards three unrecorded memorial on the station.Once I'd dropped the trailer and cats off I headed to the Fleet Air Arm Memorial church to meet the chaplain and for photos.

There was absolutly no wifi at the station other than what I could get on my phone.


It was to be a short hop of around 9 miles to Langport, I did a couple of churches and graveyards on the way. Once at Tesco I had some time to myself and headed out for a shower at the local sports centre, easier said than done! I had to be a member and they don't do showers...

I pottered back to Tesco and spent the rest of the day programming and collecting pennies.


A day of not doing a lot other than going through images again and collecting pennies. I headed up to Bowden's Crest campsite at around five c'clock and managed to have that much need shower. Its the start of a weekend that may involve some alcohol, luckily two of the boys, Sully and Jacko, turned up last night and we had a practise run ;)

Once I get a connection to the internet I'll get some pictures online.

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