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2nd August 2016

Good evening everyone,

I will start by apologising, I'm pushing myself both physically and mentally more than normal.

Yesterday was a good dry start, it started to go down hill just after midday, mores the pity, I had hoped to get a lot done on my way to Portsmouth, I think I can also say that Google maps isn't always right, I will use it to give me an iea on how far it is to my destination and then work out how much power I need and wether I will need to get a charge. Yesterdays suggested route was twenty-five and a little bit miles according to their system, I had a slight detour of one and a half miles becuase it wanted me to go down a rough footpath so twenty seven tops, thirty three miles later I landed at the pub, oh and two puntures later! I beleive the expression is humbug! Or is that at Christmas...

Today I was up in time fore breakfast at the Farmhouse before heading into Portsmouth, as it had been wet all night I wasn't optermistic about getting the cemeteries done although logic kicked in, a rare occaision! I though I can do indoor memorials, do you know I think I should be good at maths or wisdom, well something like that after my nicknames sake Izaak Newton, something went wrong somewhere...

Anyway, I headed out, found my first church, a Roman Catholic one, nothing marked on my map but found a Sky filming a bit for "Don't tell the Bride" and three new memorials, a good start, it soon went down hill, the heavens opened and I was drenched! I plodded on and got a lot done in short space of time, slightly disapointed with the NatWest Bank in Portsmouth town centre, they have a memorial but only staff are allowed to view it (secure area), do I email the HQ expressing my disappointment?

Right, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, not happy with me sending multiple emails about incorrect headstones, I sent a small image with each one to show the problem and they have a email size restriction. They have asked me to put all into a sigle email, they haven't specified whether they want images yet though. They have also aknowledged there is a problem with some headstones that have the wrong Regiment or Service, this dates back a long way, they will be replacing them and correcting them when the stone reach the end of their life. Two things, I think once they are flagged as being wrong they should be corrected, I can only think of it like this, my first Regiment was the QOH, now the QRIH, when I pop my clogs it would be similar to putting I served with the QRIH, the Regiment is a big family, things change when they merge, friends are lost new ones are made but its not the same, I think it might be a military thing...

The second is, I think I will change my systen so I can mark something wrong with a headstone and send it to them periodically, a safer option possibly.

I've just been told the rest of the week is to be wet, I hope not, I have a couple of big cemeteries to do :(

Before I forget, the publisher that contracted me to do the book and I haven't heard anything from is to be sent a letter terminating the contract, suggestions would be welcome on a new publisher...

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