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31st July 2016

Good evening everyone,

Hit a slight problem today, its not something I've noticed before as I go through the images of the headstones, it appears to be a problem predominantly with the Army Service Corps.

Before I tell you the problem, a bit of history, the Royal Army Service Corps was created from the Army Service Corps and part of the Royal Engineers in 1918.

As I go through the images I'm finding that the headstones of the Serviceman that died pre-1918 state they were Royal Army Service Corps when in fact their CWGC record records correctly that they were Army Service Corps, nearly twenty so far and I've nearly got a thousand images left to do!

I can't think of an analogy to describe it best, feel free to post one that I can use...

I suspect I'm creating an awful lot of work for the CWGC! I've also had to report broken, incorrect names, headstones being swallowed by the grass...

Had enough for today, embarrased by al the problems I have found in Aldershot Military Cemetery, more than 45 graves wrong and I'm no where near finished either.
Makes me wonder do I need to go through my previous images with a fine tooth comb and check all the Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps and Army Vetinary Corps for mistakes :(
I head for Portsmouth in the morning, the last time I was there the money was stolen from the charity bucket was stolen!

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