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20th July 2016

Good evening everyone,

A bit of a milestone reached tonight, I've managed to get 2000+ memorials online! At the moment the memorials take priority over the graves at the moment, purely because the graves are a personal goal and the memorial data is in the "national interest" as it were with everything going into the War Memorial Register at the Imperial War Museum (IWM). Out of curiosity I've just had a look at the data for the memorials on the hard drive:

  • 59.7 GB
  • 8,322 Files, 755 Folders

All of this is being sent to the IWM.

Military grave data:

  • 62.0 GB
  • 9,438 Files, 9,323 Folders

Looking at it like that its colossal! With the memorial images I will take multiple images of the memorial and its data, so something like the Navel Memorial to the Missing in Plymouth has around 110 images because of all the tablets with the names on, theoretically I should display each name on a plate with the relevant name as it is a grave marker, or so I'm told, that would be 22,000+ images from one site! A heck of a lot of work...

The grave data is a bit easier, its rare I have a multiple image, the only times are if the headstone has been replaced with a CWGC one and the old one is still legible.

I started today in the Aldershot Civilian Cemetery as it was overcast, it certainly didn't feel any cooler! An interesting find was a ginger and white cat that loved a fuss, in fact it shouted at me and bounded over for a fuss, of course I had to oblige and give it a tickle. Once finished there I nipped over to a near by church that had been locked earlier in the week and was invited in for a cuppa, not going to turn that down either! Memorials photographed I headed for the Military cemetery, I have 800+ WW1 and WW2 graves listed in here, there are a lot more than that! there are also some sections that I cannot physically do due to my disability, they are just to steep and I'll end up doing myself an injury or worse! I managed to get a small section of what are called Non Combat deaths done before the sun put in an appearance and it became to hot to continue, even with factor 50 on my face looks like beetroot!

It was nice this evening to catch up with Elaine and Barry King, we haven't seen each other since Devizes last year when I stayed at the Three Magpies, thanks for the cuppa, the Genius (Guinness) and the catfood :)

Tomorrow will be a play it by the weather day, if cloudy I'll head back to the Military Cemetery and get as much done as I physically can. Friday I'm in the Royal Garrison Church to photograph the hundreds of memorials...

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