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19th July 2016

Good evening everyone,

As I mentioned on Facebook this morning "it was another horrible humid night", the cats spent much of it outside as it was cooler on the floor.

The las two days have been good ones, the weather even if it is hot! And the amount I have got done, I had expected Aldershot to take two weeks, between all the memorials and graves, I'm revising it to about a week as long as I can have a couple of overcast days to get the cemeteries done.

A bit of a strange happening today, not directly at me, but about me, a chap turned up at lunchtime in a Help for Heroes t-shirt, in itself it can mean nothing. He came to the trailer, I was inside working on what I had photographed, grunted, and disappeared, I thought nothing of it until I went in store to get a cold and much needed drink, as I left I heard a couple of bits, he was having a go at Tesco saying I was not an official collector, that's all I heard.

This next bit is for the the gentleman concerned if he bother to read it though you may find it interesting.

I have Letters of Authority from each of the charities, I have lncence to collect from each council in Hampshire except Eat Hampshire, this will be applied for when I know I will be in their duristriction. Help for Heroes phoned the store this afternoon to confirm I am a fund raiser for the charity. Tesco are happy with me being here and have also seen my LoA's.Sir, next time try speaking to the person instead of having ago at the third parties.

I had wanted to add other bits but they would have been rude and insulting and not me! I can say he embarrased me.

Anyway, hopefully all resolved, I'm looking forward to colder weather, well a couple of degrees colder only, I think the cats would agree with me ;)

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