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17th July 2016

Hello, good evening and welcome,

Its been a couple of uncomfortable days and nights with the heat and humidity, I don't think it is the heat that has made Smudge ill, whatever it is he's picking up again and has eaten and drunk some water today. I also spent the last couple of days getting the laptop how I like it and the correct software on it so that I can crack on. By Thursday night I had pretty much caught up on the backlog of graves with just over a thousand renamed in the couple of days prior, I'm uploading thes as I write this. The statistics at the moment stand at:


Cemeteries/graveyards visited: 734
Graves photographed: 8004
Memorials photographed: 1858
Possible New Memorials photographed: 1425
Images on the site: 12442

Not the most exciting of information but important to me.

I have also won a small battle with a council, I mention the Commonwealth War Grave Commision Living Memory project every so often, well I visited a cemetery in Hythe and couldn't get in as the gate was chained and padlocked, I emailed the council asking why this was the case, I also explained about the project and that I was disabled and couldn't just climb over. Apparently travellers have been using it as a shortcut, I'm guessing they still were as there was a path in the grass, however the council have emailed me back and they will be putting in a wicket gate to allow access on foot, thank you New Forrest District Council, by the way, there are two World War One graves in the cemetery.

I didn't manage a shower yester day and anybody coming near me will need a respirator, the sports centre in Basingstoke doesn't allow just showers and the shower/chnging room wasn't available until 1300hrs! NOt quite a wasted morning as I was able to get another church photographed. The second spot for a possible shower was closed and only open Monday to Friday, I'll give it a try in the morning before I head to Aldershot...

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