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Day 609 - 6th January 2015

Winterbourne to Beckington

Good evening everyone,

A strange day for me today with thoughts of the past...

Twenty-two years ago this month, I came out of RAF Wroughton (hospital), came out of the Army the following morning and stayed in a pub 2.5 miles from where I am now. Later that year I had an operation in RUH Bath that went very wrong, I woke one morning and my leg didn't look right, I had septicemia, not just a mild case either...

Anyway that was a long time ago and there a lot more, no point boring you.

Today was a noisy damp start, deliveries, bins emptied, cars on the road etc, the joys of living in a wooden coffin on the edge of the road! Anyway set off following a route set by Google, today though was set to be virtually all cycle paths and I was worried that I would encounter lots of obstacles as normal, there were only a couple of tight spots and only one place I had to find a diversion, it was brilliant for a change, I even went through two very long tunnels, I'll try and look them up after, they were brilliant!

I was meant to get a charge in Newton St Loe but there was no way off the cycle track to get on to the A4, I headed on and picked the brains off two ladies who were jogging, there was a pub at the end of the track were I needed to turn off, The Hope and Anchor at Midford, they kindly allowed me to charge and fed and watered me, thank you.

The sun finally decided to show its face and it turned in to a very pleasant afternoon and I was soon at my destination, The Woolpack, and not the one off Emmerdale, and yes I knew where it was from before I posted on Facebook last night :P

The cats are in front of the fire, well Missy is, Smudge is on a chair and I'm a happy chappy as the pub has just treated me to tea, thank you Craig and Greene King, it is appreciated :)

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