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3rd December

Good evening ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls,

A very mixed night and day, sleeping in a bed for the frist time in six hundred plus days was strange, also acident prone, you need to think about the trailer, the door opens on the right as you look from the front, I would lean up against the left side, particuarly when both cats were snuggles up... Well I fell out of bed, a bit of a shock! Both cats were on the usual side though the bed was reversed as it were, the cats were against the wall and me, I must have turned over and woke as I went over the edge!

Anyway, I was up later than normal I had a lie in, it was as it turned out to be only half an hour. Cats fed I had to go and sort bits out, I needed a new flashing light plug, I broke it as I loaded the scooter yesterday :(

I then called in at Tesco to see if there were any days free to collect, I need to contact the Quadrant Shopping Centre to see if I can do the same, hopefully I will be allowed.

I was shoked to find there was trouble with some of my neighbours, I wont go into it but I hope it is sorted or resolved soon, not good for the kids involved, sorry to those involved if you read this, it upset me a bit :(

Being home does mean I meet up with people I haven't seen for a long while, a extremely warm welcome from nearly all, Karen in my local treated me as if I hadn't been away, she knows me too well!

One thing I need to sort is what I'm calling the "Winter Gathering", a meal in Mumbles for family and friends, it will be in either the George or the Mermaid on Friday 12th or the Saturday, if you are interested email or text me...

I'll be quiet for the next couple of days, a lot to sort out including Smudge's operation on Friday, both cats will also be having their booster injections, I will insist on Smudges being done under anesthetic or at least a week later, thank goodness for the other charity work I do - it will pay for this (I look after websites for other organisations).

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